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Access God Of War: Ascension Beta Through ‘Rise Of Warrior’

It was already reported all over the internet in August that the beta for multiplayer of God Of War: Ascension would be available to Playstation Plus members this winter.

Playstation gamers who do not have the plus membership need not to be sad as we bring great news. It seems there is another way to get access to the God Of War: Ascension beta and its through a social game. Yes, if you play the social game “Rise Of Warrior” when it is launched, you can get in the beta!

Not only, that but you also get quite a few in-game unlocks and exclusive items in God Of War: Ascension, if you play the social game between its launch and March 2013. Furthermore, you will get a 30-day subscription to Playstation Plus!

Now these are as good reasons as you will ever find to get yourself into social/casual gaming.