PlayStation All-Stars: Final Boss Could Be The Polygon Man or Negativitron

With a horde of characters confirmed for the roster of PlayStation All-Stars, one question still remains and that is the identity of the final boss.

There has been a lot and I do mean a lot of speculation over this matter. Today though a new revelation has hit the web which helps us to safely narrow down that list to two potential icons.

A YouTube user has uploaded the voice over audio that streams during the final boss fight. You can check the audio out here. The uploader is the same one who previously leaked the full roster by hacking the beta.

So assuming the leak is legit the list of potential bosses can be brought down to either ‘The Polygon Man’ or ‘Negativitron’.

PlayStation veterans would remember The Polygon Man from the early years of the original PlayStation. He was a marketing mascot that was used to promote the console in North America.

Omar Kendall, lead designer for the game mentioned in a part interview that the final boss would be immediately recognized by PlayStation veterans. Taking also into consideration that he lacks a voice, we can point our fingers at the Polygon Man as being the probable final boss of the game.

Negativitron is our other possible final boss. He is the evil force that you take down at the end of LittleBigPlanet 2. His voice matches the above leaked audio clip very well.

So from the two who would you want to meet at the end of the game?