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Guild Wars 2: Shadow of the Mad King Dedicated Page Goes Live

Shadow of the Mad King is the upcoming expansion pack for Guild Wars 2 that will also tie in with Halloween this year. A dedicated page for the expansion has gone up on the web and contains details regarding the event.

So just who is the Mad King? According to a short lore on the site it’s a tyrannical Kyrtan King who reigned 500 years ago.

His subjects, tired of suffering under his hands decided to revolt against him. The King was in the end slain by the people and his spirit banished to the underworld. However, according to folk lore the ‘Mad King’ can return to the world of the living on every Halloween night.

I reckon that’s the dynamic event where you kill him and get rewarded with unique items. ArenaNet hasn’t confirmed any of that yet.

The site also lays out the dates of the dynamic events. They are divided into four acts and runs from October 23 to November 1:

Act 1: Begins 22 October
Act 2: 26 October
Act 3: 28 October
Act 4: 31 October

The Black Lion Trading Company will also be participating in the Halloween events. It will be featuring some unique costumes, items, eatables and tonics.

In addition players will also have a chance to get a unique Halloween-themed weapon skin (There are 6 in total).

Between 22 October and 5 November each Black Lion Chest you open has a chance to give you one of six exclusive Halloween-themed weapon skins!

ArenaNet has also thrown in a bunch of concept art for the expansion and a Halloween Diorama Contest.