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Dark Souls Patch 1.06 Arrives On October 24th

Dark Souls
From Software have just announced the arrival of a new patch for Dark Souls. This is the version 1.06 update for the game. Furthermore, its release date is same as the release date of the DLC named, “Dark Souls Artorias of the Abyss,” for the base game.

Here are the changes made in the patch:

  • The patch fixes glitches like one that allows players you can use the Dragon Head infinite times.
  • An event where you got a Homeward Bone after defeating a Gargoyle has been removed.
  • Weapon attributes are generally lower and buff time limits have been reduced too.

Following weapons/equipment in the game have been nerfed:

  • Mask of the Father
  • Mask of the Mother
  • Eagle Shield
  • Black Knight Greataxe
  • Hornet Ring
  • Dark Wood Grain Ring
  • Soul Spear
  • Crystal Soul Spear
  • Sunlight Spear

This patch seems to make the game even harder to beat than it already is. Fret not though, not everything in this patch is hostile. More bonfires have been added to the game in the new update!

The release date for the patch on the PS3 is 24th October. No word on Xbox patch release for now.