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Battlefield Heroes Celebrates Halloween With New Content

Battlefield Heroes, the free-to-play action shooter by EA, is celebrating Halloween with new limited time Halloween themed content. You can buy new outfits, items and weapons in the store; however, you also have the option to unlock some of them by completing challenges.

A new Halloween themed map, The Perilous Port, is available with some challenges of its own. You can get a free shirt by winning ten ranked games on the new map and there will also be supply drops with a chance to score other goodies. Two new weapons can be rented and getting 500 kills with them will unlock them for good.

Although you can permanently unlock weapons and other items, your chance to get them as well as the rest of the theme, specific content will end on the 1st, so make sure you get everything you can before it’s too late? And if you missed out on something last year, the older Halloween content is also available again. The content was updated on the 18th and last 13 days.