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Hitman Absolution Trailer #5 – A Look at Disguises

We have already seen four trailers of Hitman Absolution, and now the fifth one has made its entry. The game slated to be released on 20th November will have a lot of elements of the previous titles, but with a lot of improvements.

The fifth trailer in the series is about a core gameplay element found in previous titles as well: disguises.

This time, however, as we can see from the trailer, the game will push the concept of disguises beyond what the previous titles offered. The Hitman games are known for their deep gameplay where you can interact with the world to create advantageous situations, revealing new possibilities on every play through.

This time the focus will be on not only adapting to your surroundings but infiltrating and putting enemies in compromising positions before you strike. There will be more disguises, a crazy variety of costumes, and a lot of different roles to play.

Check out the trailer here: