Disgaea Dimension 2 Revealed

Earlier this year Nippon Ichi Software revealed that they are working on a mystery game which they referred to simply as project D. They did not reveal any further details except for the fact that it will be a part of their 20th anniversary.

Nippon Ichi Software just recently revealed at a stage event at Dengeki’s 20th Anniversary Festival, that the much hyped project D was a new entry in the successful and unique Disgaea series all along. It will be released on the PS3 on March 20th next year and will be titled “Disgaea Dimension 2”.

It will not be titled Disgaea 5 because the studio felt they had to return to their roots and make a direct sequel to their most successful Disgaea game. The game will bring a graphical upgrade to the Disgaea world and the opening theme will be done by Chihara Minori. If you pre-order now you will also get an exclusive DLC code to unlock “legacy” costumes.

A teaser site is online as well with content coming in 12 days.