50% Off Sleeping Dogs and DLC on Steam

Weekend sale for Steam this week brings us the widely popular Sleeping dogs at half of it’s price. The 50% off sale also includes the DLC of the game; making this a most impressive buy.

Slap on some bonus features with the Retro Triad Pack (on sale for $0.99), Red Envelope Pack (on sale for $1.49), Top Dog Silver Pack (on sale for $0.99), Top Dog Gold Pack (on sale for $1.49), High Roller Pack (on sale for $1.49) and the High Resolution Texture pack (for free).

The game itself is currently slashed down to $24.99 and for more information you can head on over to it’s Steam Page. The sale will end on October 22

Along with Sleeping Dogs, there are other games that are on sale as well including Pay Day the Heist at $4.99 and Unity of Command for $14.99.