The Last of Us: American Dreams Comic Will Narrate Background Story

During a panel of the October 12, 2012 New York Comic Con, Dark Horse Comics and Naughty Dog announced The Last of Us: American Dreams.

American Dreams is a four issue comic book that will peel back the layers of Ellie’s early days, while slowly unveiling her backstory.

The series will be a collaboration made between Naughty Dog Creative Director Neil Druckmann, artist and writer Faith Erin Hicks, and colorist Christina Strain. Neil and Faith will be co-writing the project. Faith will also be doing the drawing, while Christina handles the coloring duties.

Naughty Dog Creative Director and Co-Writer on the series, Neil Druckmann, had this to say about the comic books:

I wanted to see a story that can stand on its own, so if you’ve never played the game you’d still be able to read this comic and get an intriguing story with these characters but, at the same time, if you do read this comic book and you play the game, you should get greater depth, a greater understanding of these characters and the world and what’s going on with them. The other cool thing is that working on the comic book has helped me develop more of Ellie’s backstory. Because we haven’t finished the game yet, we’ve been able to weave some of those threads into the story of the game. So there are certain parts as you play the game, if you’ve read the comic book, you’ll understand what Ellie’s referring to, or have a deeper understanding of what made her make that decision.

The Last of Us art book will be released in conjunction with the launch of the game in Spring 2013.