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Planetside 2 Release Date Announced

During a live event of SOE at Las Vegas, Pesident John Smedley revealed the release date of Planetside 2.

The game will launch with it’s previously confirmed three continents on November 20. Currently the game’s beta phase is open and those who got invited or had the codes will for sure be enjoying the free to play title.

Currently two continents are open in the beta: Indar and Esamir. After the launch three new continents will be opened up called Oshur, Hossin and Searhus. It’s unknown of the nature of these areas.

Yesterday the developers announced the removal of the Auraxium currency.

Would you be willing to give Planetside 2 a chance or are you too busy with Guild Wars 2? Or surprise me by commenting that you’re playing Mists of Pandaria.