70 Million Xbox 360 Units Have Been Sold

Microsoft has released some amazing numbers for their beloved Xbox 360 console. The console has sold 70 million units since it’s launch in November of 2005.

1.7 million of these numbers were sold alone during the period between July and September of this year. When compared to the same quarter of last year, we see the console selling 600,000 more units last year.

Microsoft is enjoying a good revenue of $1.95 billion currently; which is down by only 1% each year. Following their release of the successful Gears of War 3 title in September of 2011, Microsoft is yet to launch anything major.

The interesting part of the revelation of Microsoft’s finances is the fact that the cost of their research and development sector has gone up by 44%, that’s around $140 million. One guess as to what project their people are working.

Additional to Xbox Live members going up by 15%, Microsoft stated that the Xbox 360 is the top selling console in the US with an impressive 49% market share.