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War of the Roses: November Update To Add New Weapons & Armor

Paradox has confirmed that the first content update for War of the Roses will be released in the coming month of November. This will mark the first of upcoming monthly content releases promised by the developers.

The update will add new weapons, armor and color customization options to the multiplayer-based title. There are talks of two new game modes as well but the release dates on them are unknown. Paradox might look for a winter release.

The first mode is called ‘Pitched Battle’. Details for it are also unknown but it will be going into beta soon.

The historic winter battles at Wakefield and Towton are to be the basis of inspiration for two new War of the Roses maps. The maps will feature a new weather mechanic that “will set snow and sleet against ally and adversary alike.”

More details on the newly announced modes and maps will be released throughout Q4.