Rage-Quitting in Team Fortress 2 Now a Punishable Offense

Saxton Hale is cracking down on ‘cowardly leavers’ that abandon their comrades in Mann vs. Machine matches. Rage quitting is a pretty crummy thing to do in a multiplayer match as it can really ruin a game, and it seems that Valve agrees. In a (fictional) letter by the (fictional) CEO of Mann Co. Saxton Hale outlines the following:

Bidwell’s drummed up some penalties for any coward he catches running away from the frontlines. If any of you cowards out there find these penalties too harsh, don’t worry about it, because see Point #1 (I am coming for you). Whatever penalties you get will seem like a day at the Being Afraid store (or wherever it is cowards like to shop) when I get my big angry hands on your beady little heads.

The TF2 blog offered some more insight as to what constitutes a ‘leave’:

There is a difference between leaving a game and “abandoning” it. It is considered “abandoning” a game if all of the following circumstances are met:

  • You leave a game while playing a Mann Up game on an official server; and
  • You have not played through a single wave to completion or failure; and
  • There are 5 or more players currently connected to the server (including you).

The blog also outlines the ‘punishment’ (if it can even be called that):

Penalties will be imposed on players who repeatedly abandon games. These players will be temporarily placed in a low-priority pool and will experience longer matchmaking times.

Beware quitters, for you shall be made to wait.