Far Cry 3: Collector’s Edition To Include The Monkey Business Pack

The Monkey Business pack for Far Cry 3 has been announced by Ubisoft. The pack is an exclusive bonus for the Insane Collector’s Edition of the game and features four new missions; adding many more gameplay hours.

Each new mission will be centered around Hurk, another insane character in the Far Cry 3 setting. Hurk has a beloved hobby of strapping explosive on to monkeys and then having them blow stuff up.

In one instance you’ll be tasked with sneaking into an ancient temple, stealing the precious diamonds found within and then finally blow the whole thing up.

Putting aside the monkey business, the Insane Collector’s Edition will also feature over 40 minutes of single and multiplayer content with The Lost Expeditions DLC, Hunter Pack, Predator Pack, and Warrior Pack. Access to all unlockable content and a Vaas bobblehead will also be included.

Far Cry 3 will be release on November 30 for the PS3, Xbox 360 and PC. You can check out the gameplay trailer for the Monkey Business pack below.