War Z Caught Using Terms of Use From League of Legends

Yesterday War Z users discovered a link to the terms of use for ‘League of Legends’ in the ‘Requirements’ section of the Legal Agreement tab for the game.

The online zombie-survival MMO has already received enough flak from the community who blames the developers for ripping pages out of the wildly successful Day Z mod. This latest discovery of them using the terms of use of another wildly popular game just adds more fuel to the fire.

Here is the following text that even had a link to the League of Legends’ website. I’m actually surprised that players even took time out to read the legal agreements. Who does that anymore?

In installing and using the Software and playing the Game, you acknowledge that you have read, understand and agree with the terms of this License Agreement. You must also: (i) read, understand and agree to the OP Productions Terms of Use http://www.leagueoflegends.com/legal/termsofuse (the ‘Terms of Use’).

The mistake was instantly posted on War Z’s reddit and the developers took instant action. An immediate patch has now fixed the error but no amount of patches can get rid of all that embarrassment brought down by copy-pasting and then getting caught red handed.