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Street Fighter X Tekken Mobile Update Brings In New Content

Street Fighter x tekken mobile
Street Fighter X Tekken Mobile was released on iOS on September 19. It had quite a few features which distinguished it from the console and PC version. Now, Capcom has released a free update for the game that brings in a new challenger among much else. The new challenger Rolento brings his very own new attacks such as stinger, fake rod, spike rod and a launcher.

Other than the brand new character, the update also presents the player with two new game modes, championship and Musou Matsuri. The championship match mode lets you battle your friends via wifi for experience points.

Friends can be challenged on Gamecentre or you can practice in simulation mode. The other new mode, Musou Matsuri is like a survival mode where you can keep fighting opponent after opponent until the clock or your life runs out. The clock can be extended by completing in-game target challenges. Capcom says people should aim to bring down at least a hundred fighters.