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Star Wars: The Old Republic Free-To-Play Model Detailed

BioWare already had announced last month of their decision to let Star Wars: The Old Republic go free-to-play. The online MMO had been losing considerable subscribers and a free-to-play model seemed the only good way to salvage the numbers.

EA and Bioware both have already outlined how the model would work but a new chart on the game’s website breaks it down even better.

Except for the story-related content, everything else will be available to free players on a limited basis.

I doubt anyone would be that worried over limited features during the character creation process. However, all of the action from Flashpoint, Warzones and Space missions at most will be available only 3 times a week to the freebies. You can purchase a weekly pass to lift these restrictions if you want to. Operations (raids) on the other hand will be only playable through this weekly pass.

Other limitations include the size of the user’s inventory and cargo hold; lower priority during the login queue and the inability to equip most purple-class items without purchasing a license from the Cartel Market.

If you feel the free-to-play model features are acting as a hindrance to your Jedi powers then you can always use the force and go premium. Each character’s main quest amounts to more than 100 hours, that’s a lot of game time for a small fee.