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Planetside 2: Auraxium Removed, Three Continent Launch Revealed

John Smedley, President of Sony Online Entertainment has revealed changes inbound for Planetside 2. One of those major changes is the removal of the Auraxium currency.

After listening to feedback on the forums, this will mean the end of Auraxium as a resource. Keep in mind when we do this (with this next patch), we will be dramatically increasing the speed at which you gain certifications. Something like 4X. Again, folks, we play the game on non-admin accounts. We see the data. We see the issues. We’re fixing them.

Smedley also mentioned that all three of the continents are being planned for a simultaneous release at launch – Indar, Esamir and Amerish.

You can go through the rest of the post from Smedley here, where he also talks about future updates for the game.