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League of Legends: Jungling Changes Coming In Season 3

With the conclusion of Season 2 World Championship, Riot Games is now getting ready for Season 3. A bombardment of posts from Riot developers on their forums tease a lot of changes coming to the game with the start of the new Season.

The most major change would be the ones coming to the Jungling role. A ‘Jungler’ in a League of Legends team takes to the brushes and growth of the map, taking out creep camps and then ganking other lanes to help team mates. It’s a very difficult job because the jungle currently has little rewards compared to those who go into their respective lanes. Hence, successful ganks can mean good amount of gold for the Jungler and probably an assured victory for the team in the long run.

Statikk, Assistant Game Designer of League of Legends took to the forums yesterday and revealed changes being planned for the Jungle role.

The current dominant jungle strategy is fairly stagnant, and the overall current jungle playstyle in many cases severely limits potential strategy and choices in other lanes/roles as well. One large problem is that efficient farming of the jungle has very little payoff compared to constantly applying lane pressure by camping/ganking. Overall, junglers severely lack in gold unless they successfully gank and snowball the game from the get-go and/or opt for a gold per 10 strategy.

The approach we’re currently taking is to significantly increase the rewards of jungle camps over time (junglers already have a huge impact on the early game). To go along with this, though, we are buffing jungle camps back up to actually be more threatening while simultaneously offering new and improved item paths for players to specialize in the jungle. Overall, we want junglers to be rewarded for building combat stats rather than always being forced to build gold generation items.

So there you have it, the creep camps are being buffed back up like before (maybe not that much). Other developers have also teased about new starting items for champions who would otherwise find problems jungling.