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Defiance Developer Diary Sheds Light On PvP Experience

If you’re not familiar with Defiance, it’s a game being developed by Trion Worlds in conjunction with the SyFy channel and its show of the same name. At first, I thought that was a great idea. It would be really interesting to play a game, and to see what my actions did to impact the show. Then the realist (cynic?) in me kicked in, and I thought that such a feat would be too impossible without suffering massive quality loss.

I suppose that’s what surprises me the most about Defiance – it actually looks like a quality game. Graphically, it seems great for a 3rd person shooter mmo on consoles. Then, I started hearing about their focus on open world PvP. This game could actually be really good, for what it is. The show, however, I’ll make no attempts as optimism for – it is a SyFy show, afterall.