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Corporal Hicks Returns in Aliens: Colonial Marines

Beloved and iconic, the one and only Corporal Hicks of Aliens fame has somehow made his way into upcoming Aliens: Colonial Marines.

The character, who is famous from his appearance in the Aliens movie has been a fan favourite for many years now. As according to Gamezone, Dwayne Hicks himself is set to appear in the upcoming game as a character in the singleplayer campaign and will somehow be active in the multiplayer portion of Aliens: Colonial Marines.

What’s more important though is that Michael Biehn, the actor to originally portray Hicks, will be reprising the role as the voice actor.

Just one thing though…Aliens: Colonial Marines has been confirmed as canon and will be set following the events of Alien 3. Corporal Hicks dies in Aliens, meaning that he personally can’t be alive for the events of Aliens: Colonial Marines.

So just how do the developers plan to pull this off. A surviving heir to his legacy? Perhaps some crazy sci-fi twist instead. Time travel is always a viable option.