XCOM: Enemy Unknown PC Update Fixes HD Problem

A patch update released by Firaxis for XCOM: Enemy Unknown fixes the previously reported HD problem. Some users were having their movies played in 720p instead of 1080p. The update fixes this and now everyone can enjoy the media in HD.

Additionally another reported bug was of floating hair pieces. Firaxis has stated that their update will fix all the reported bugs and problems.

Here’s a complete list of the changelog:

  • Various visibility/hiding optimizations
  • Multiplayer text chat support (J to activate)
  • Mouse 4/5 will switch soldiers in the Barracks
  • ESC hides the movement grid if you do not want to commit to a move while it is activated
  • Squad Sight ability optimization
  • Fixed issue when equipping two grenades with Deep Pockets.
  • Fixed Rapid Fire sometimes consuming too much ammo.
  • SHIVs that are damaged will no longer become unusable.
  • Fixed some hangs/soft crashes in tactical combat.
  • Replaced software cursor with the operating system cursor to reduce lag and framerate dependence.
  • Fixed rendering bug which causes some soldier’s hair to appear as if it is rendering on top of environment fog.
  • 1080p movies are now used at all times on the PC.