SimCity Trailer Teaches How To Deal With Disasters

The new title in the SimCity series was announced to be released on February of the coming year, and EA has begun teasing us with an impressive trailer. The trailer shows off the new engine titled “Glassbox.” The interface and gameplay are smooth and the graphics rich and detailed.

The building feature is like painting on an empty canvas allowing for your imagination to run wild with the possibilities. The citizens have an improved AI and you can see them reacting to disasters and show an impressive level of autonomy.

A lot of old features have been streamlined and simplified, which might cause some fans to be disappointed but in general it makes the game much more appealing and entertaining. The game has a strong focus on disasters, such as blackouts, fires and floods, which means you have to protect your city fast and mitigate the damage. Volcano eruptions, UFO invasions and Godzilla attacks are also returning in the latest title.

There is also a multiplayer which means more depth and gameplay options. You can make agreements with your neighbors, look through their city, start collective projects such as a space program and of course trade resources. Neighboring cities will also affect each other; the pollution or high crime rates of your neighbor’s city will start to affect your city as well.