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RIFT: Storm Legion Available On Steam For Pre-Purchase – Bonus Item Included

Storm Legion, the expansion to RIFT is now available for pre-purchase on Steam.

The Regular edition is priced at £24.99 and comes with the added bonus Death Cape item. The Infinity edition is available at a price of £49.99 and includes the following content:

BREVANIC PORTAL GENERATOR – An ancient device used by the citizens of Brevane as a personal transporter to any gate in the porticulum network.

CYCLONE MOUNT – Faster than an oncoming storm front, this denizen from the Plane of Air can only be controlled by the most powerful commanders of the Storm Legion.

MINI REGULOS – A strange creature created by the Master Shapers. Contains all the evil, destruction, and mischief of the original in a pint-sized package!

The Storm Legion expansion raises the level cap of players to 60 and brings about two new continents for everyone to explore. The new lands are thrice the size of the existing game world.