Mass Effect Trilogy Headed To PS3 In February

If there is one thing PS3 owners are missing out on, it’s the original mass effect. The second and third part in the trilogy came out on the console, but the first part was only released for the Xbox360 and PC.

Well, PS3 owners were reassured when EA announced, in November, the release of the trilogy compilation, which would include the release of the first part in the series as well. However, they gave the release date for PC and XBOX360 while the PS3 version was to be released “at a later date” for $14.99.

The later date seems to be 26 February as seen posted on some retailers. The trilogy coming out on the 26th also means that mass effect 1 will come out on the same date. The trilogy and the first part will be released on the same date as confirmed by EA earlier.