Dead or Alive 5: Costume Packs Released

Tecmo Koei has announced three new costume packs for Dead or Alive 5. They will be available later today on the Xbox 360 while PS3 players will have to wait another week.

The Kitty Pack
What costume pack for a Dead or Alive game would not include skimpy outfits for the ladies? The Kitty Pack will feature catsuits for Helena, Christie, Tina and Lisa to wear.

What A Character Pack
The second costume pack features Oktoberfest-inspired outfits for Hitomi, Mila, Rig and Lisa.

Special Set
The final costume pack includes new outfits for Kasumi, Leifang, Hayabusa and Lisa. New smoking outfits if I might add.

You can get all three packs for a combined price of 1040 MSP / £9.99 or get them individually at a price of 400 MSP / £3.99 per pack.