Black Ops: Declassified To Be Released On The Same Day As Black Ops 2

The mysterious little brother to Black Ops II has been fluttering around the scene for a while now, but details on exactly what and when are quite scarce. Well, in a recent interview with CVG, Dan Amrich let slip some details we’ve all been waiting on, including the allusive release date.

It would seem that Black Ops: Declassified is going to launch alongside Black Ops II on November 13 in just under a month. This announcement is a bit surprising, considering the lack of details on the game. Fortunately Amrich has us covered there, and managed to shed some information on the Vita title.

“Declassified is not about the big campaign storyline and huge cinematics, it’s more focused on the multiplayer essence of Call of Duty and bringing that to a portable device as completely as possible, and in bringing short, objective-based missions and score-driven gameplay with lighter story elements to create what we call the Operations missions.”

Sounds a lot like the spec ops missions of Modern Warfare 2 that many enjoyed so much. Is a more lightweight version of the Call of Duty formula going to hold up though?

Source: CVG