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Transformers Universe Trailer Shows Robot Forms & In-Game Action

Transformers Universe

It was back in June of 2011 that Runescape developers Jagex announced working on a Transformers Universe MMO title. Since then news has been bleak but today we get to be treated with a trailer.

The latest trailer disappoints me to some extent. Jagex had promised a number of features for the MMO and not one of them was covered in this trailer; or at least the ones I was hoping for. I’m talking customizations of the Transformers. Just think of yourself playing a game where you can customize your own Autobot to the utmost detail; why I would give Prime a couple of hand-cannons just to match Megatron.

The trailer does though, offer an extended look at various robot forms and some in-game footage. Remembering the game to be browser exclusive, I have to say that the trailer looks impressive indeed. If Jagex manages to deliver all that they promised before, this could very well be a hit game.