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Mystery AAA Square Enix Title Being Ported to Wii U

The linkedIn profile of one Chris Slater, Technical Project Manager at Tantalus Media, has revealed that Straight Right (the Melbourne based studio behind the upcoming Mass Effect 3 release on Nintendo Wii U) are reportedly working on a Wii U game for Square-Enix as well.

It has not been revealed which game is being ported, though speculations range from Tomb Raider to Dragon Quest. However, it is most likely that the game being ported is Sleeping Dogs as it is probably the easiest to port from a technical standpoint.

Straight Right was founded back in 2011 and was responsible for porting EA’s Need for Speed: Shift 2 Unleashed to iPhone. Since then, their only other title is EA’s Mass Effect 3 for Wii U which is still in development and is expected to launch worldwide before the end of March, 2013.

Source: MyNintendonews