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More Staff Members Quit Irrational Games – More Troubles?

Bioshock Infinite
Is this merely coincidence, or is this the beginning of a mass exodus of people jumping ship? Last month, four key developers left Irrational Games, mid development of BioShock Infinite.

The four designers who left last month were Lead Designer Jeff McGann, Principal Systems Designer Kenneth Strickland, director of Product Development Tim Gerritsen and Art Director Nate Wells.

Now, it’s BioShock Infinite’s Combat Design Director Clint Bundrick, and A.I. Lead Don Norbury who have left Irrational Games. This is starting to get worrisome. I mean, consider that the game has been strangely absent from public eye for quite some time.

Hopefully this isn’t all inductive of something afoul at Irrational Games. It would really be a shame for such a beloved franchise as he BioShock series, to go horribly wrong with, what looks to me, to be the best one yet.

BioShock is scheduled for a February 2013 release.