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Guild Wars 2: Shadow of The Mad King Update Releasing This Month

The Mad King will be making a come-back to the world of Tyria after being last seen 250 years ago. Shadow of The Mad King is going to be the first major update for online MMO Guild Wars 2. It will be released this month on October 22.

The update will transform the world of Tyria in accordance with the Halloween theme. There will be new dynamic events, mini-games, songs, dances in the street, decorations, lights and much more.

Halloween themed missions will be there for the taking. Additionally look out for new items and costumes from the Black Lion Trading Company as well.

Competitive natured players will be glad to know of the availability of Paid Tournaments. These will come in a 5v5 format and will require tickets to enter. You can get tickets by winning normal tournaments or purchasing it in the Gem Store. Winning these events grant you qualifier points which can get you a spot in future tournaments.