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Fable: The Journey Debuts At 37 On UK Chart

The prospect of Lionhead’s new Fable: The Journey already looks bleak as the game debuts at number 37 in the weekly UK charts. This makes The Journey the poorest performing title in the whole series.

One cannot say that this wasn’t expected. Sitting back in front of your Kinect and watching a game play itself out on rails was never taking anyone’s attention in the first place. Players want a damn controller in a more conventional setting.

Fable: The Journey was announced in 2011 at E3 and almost immediately was pelted with venomous comments from the community. It’s predecessors Fable 2 and 3 were both debuted at number one in the UK charts. Fable 3 actually went on to become the biggest Xbox 360 launch titles ever in UK.

Lionhead Studios is now said to be working on a new project aimed at the next-generation systems.