Devil May Cry: Demo Confirmed, Mundus Returns

Capcom has confirmed a demo for the upcoming reboot of the Devil May Cry series. This is a good chance for players to take control of the new Dante themselves and see if Capcom was telling the truth about the game surprising players, positively I hope.

For now the demo is only planned for the console versions but a PC demo may follow suit. This was told during a panel at Comic Con by Game producer Alex Jones. He didn’t mention a release date for the demo though.

The producer also confirmed that Mundus from the first Devil May Cry will be making a come back. The reboot will see to him as the rule of the underworld once again. A trailer released at Comic Con shows Mundus.

Previously a trailer let us have a look at Vergil as well. Dante’s brother however will not be in the game as a playable character.