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Final Fantasy XIV Beta Codes To Be Honored

Back in 2010 everyone who purchased a copy of Final Fantasy XIII for the PS3 received a promotional code that would allow them a spot in the beta test for Final Fantasy XIV. The codes were in limited quantities and those who did managed to get one were pretty much shattered.

Ben Bateman from Square Enix stated that they will be upholding to that promise made a long time ago.

We haven’t yet started talking about our BETA plans in detail, but yes, we do fully intend to honour the promotion we ran with XIII for beta codes.

So if you’re willing to give Square Enix a second chance, you could very well be getting an invite for the console beta test of Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn. Footage for the game so far leads us to believe that yes! the game indeed looks beautiful. We’ll know for sure when the beta kicks in.

Square Enix will announce the beta and release dates for the game soon.