Features Revealed For Xbox 360 Dashboard Update

Xbox Live members have started getting notices from Microsoft regarding the upcoming new update for the Xbox 360. The new update will bring many new features to the Dashboard, allowing for a more friendly and enhanced user experience.

The Search feature has received a major focus in the update. It now allows users to use their voice or text to perform a search by category or genre; and then filter results into a number of subcategories.

The Xbox 360’s new Dashboard will be taking a page out of Windows Phone 7’s metro interface. Everything is customizable and will allow users to pin their favorite items to the front page of their dashboard. Your searches will also be taken into account, making the new dashboard offer recommendations accordingly.

Previously revealed at this year’s E3, SmarGlass will be landing on to your console shortly after the release of the update. The Xbox app, when downloaded to a smartphone, allows users to use it as a linked device. Accompanying the app will also be the Xbox 360 edition of Internet Explorer.

An official date for the update is still unknown. However, considering the notices by Microsoft, it wouldn’t be far.

[via ElectronicTheater]