DMC: Capcom Is Certain Fans “Won’t Be Disappointed”

It’s nothing new coming from Capcom before the release of each of their recent games. Doubts for Devil May Cry are obvious and the seeds of hate were sown into fans a long time back.

As we approach the release date for the reboot Devil May Cry title, Capcom would like to assure players that the game won’t disappoint. Didn’t they say something similar for Resident Evil 6 as well?

The game’s Product Manager Karl Reader explained during a panel at NYCC 2012 that why the fans should look forward to the new Dante.

You won’t be disappointed, I assure you.

You’re still going to get that aerial combat and combat chaining, but at the same time we’ve added a ton of new stuff. The new characters, Kat, being one of them, is a member of the Order – a vigilante group who, with the help of Vergil and Dante, are trying to take down the demons.

Pre-orders for this game could be a mistake. Be absolutely sure before handing in your money for Devil May Cry.