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Dishonored Mission: 7 ‘Flooded District’ Guide – No Kill, Stealth and Low Chaos

At the end of Return to the Tower mission, you are betrayed by the Loyalist. They poisoned you and if it wasn’t for Samuel, you would have most likely been dead. However, Sam saves you and leaves you adrift in the Flooded District, helpless but still alive. A group of assassins find you and take you to their leader, “Daud.”

After a brief conversation with Daud in which he confesses assassinating the Queen and tells that he knows about the “Outsider,” you are knocked unconscious again.

You will wake up in the void, and this is where you will assume control over Corvo for the first time on this mission. Walk forward a bit and you will be greeted by the “Outsider” himself. After a brief cut scene with him, you will wake in a cell. In your cell, possess one of the two rats, drop down the rat tunnel and escape imprisonment.

Go up the stairs you see to your right once you come out of the rat tunnel. Do not forget to pick up an assassin’ blade which is on a table, with the wanted posters over it.

Use your blink ability to cover the distance where the stairs have a gap between them. There will be two guards on the top of the stairs. Use the Dark Vision and the Blink powers to your advantage to dispatch of the guards easily.

Now that you are on the top of your prison building, dive down into the waters of the Flooded District. Your first order of business is to retrieve your gear.

You need to get to Greave’s Refinery. Use your ability of Blink to stay on top of the water as you move from plank to plank.

There are killer fish in the water who will attack you and possibly kill you. There are three weepers by the door to the refinery. Take them out one by one. Use Dark Vision to locate them. There is also a fourth weeper in the alley to the left.

Go through the door to the next area and you will encounter a lot more weepers. However, you can evade them easily by using blink and staying on the rooftops as you make your way to your gear.

Follow your marker that says, “Your gear” and it will guide you through a path where no one can detect. Each time you get to the point where the marker leads you; it will act as a checkpoint.

You only have to look where the marker is leading you to find the right path ahead and in all cases, it is directly in front of you.

You will have to blink from a position to position, travel on pipes and climb chains, but ultimately, it will lead you to the inside of the refinery. Just before you can go inside you will overhear assassins talking about a way into Daud’s base through the rail station.

Once inside the refinery you need to lower the drawbridge. The drawbridge requires a fuel cell to activate it. There will be a machine that fills empty cells to your right. You can get an empty fuel cell in a small room straight ahead from the filling machine. However, it is blocked.

Use your melee attacks to destroy the planks and proceed into the room using blink to get an empty fuel cell. Toss the fuel cell over the bars and blink yourself out of the room. The fuel cell will not explode as currently it is empty. Carry the fuel cell to the filling machine and it will pour whale oil into it.

Put the fuel cell in the pod near the drawbridge to lower it down. There will be chain hanging nearby the drawbridge. Use it to get down towards your gear. There are a lot of weepers around in this area, so activate your Dark Vision to locate them.

Where your chain ends another will be close by. Use that one to go down even further. AS you go down, it is recommended that you take down the various weeper to stop them from spotting you.

On the lowest level, there are three weepers around your gear. One of them is moving around, so pick him off first whenever he wanders away from his mates. The other two are not moving, but you won’t alert them even when you take one of them out. Just creep up behind them and deal with them individually. After that collect your gear.

Go up the stairs and you will see a wheel. Rotate and it will open up the door behind it. Now you need to find the door that leads to the Waterfront Upper level. Again, blink from rooftop to rooftop, pillar to pillar to reach that door. In this way, you will not be spotted by a weeper.

From now on, you will have to deal with assassins instead of weepers. Go up the stairs and you will see another wheel. Rotate it to open the door behind it. Directly ahead is an assassin on the roof.

After dealing with the assassin go straight and head down the stairs. Possess a rat and quickly scamper your way to the nearest cover. When no one is looking, make your way to the door. When you get there, it will be locked.

A clue will be added to your journal that a guard may be carrying a key in a near by building. Furthermore, another white marker leading you towards the key will appear on the screen.

Head back to the wheel you rotated earlier in this area. Grab the chain nearby and climb upwards. After reaching the top, blink to the next area; hop on to the two outdoor AC units and look directly down.

You will see a pipe. Jump down onto it and follow it to a balcony of a room. Go inside the room and look for this key on the wall.

You need to make your way to the locked door. Go to that door, unlock it and enter Central Rudshore. Up ahead is a straight path to the base but that path is also littered with assassins. You will need all your expertise and skills to get past them undetected. If you want to get to Daud’s base undetected do precisely what I write next.

When you reach the point where there are a few lamps put together on the walkway, look to your left for an alley. Head towards that alley and look for a window. Above that window is a pipe. Blink and jump your way to that pipe.

From that pipe, hop on to the roof and you will see a balcony behind you. Travel on the pipes to get there or just blink there. Go into the room and from the other side of this room, blink across to the room in the other building.

From this room, the door to Daud’s base will be straight ahead. Use Dark Vision to know the locations of the assassins. Deal with those assassins who have vantage points over your path and then quickly blink your way to the open window and get inside Daud’s base.

There will be two guards near the window talking about a tunnel under the base that leads to Rudshore Gate area. The way is locked, and Daud keeps the key with himself.

Once here it is very easy to get to Daud’s Liar. Just follow the white marker, and it will take you there. There are only a few guards before that but at this point in the game, they all can be avoided or dealt with very easily.

In his lair, Daud is being protected by a single assassin who is standing near at the exit on the other side of the room. Daud generally stays in one area, just to the left of the assassin.

You have two options here. Either kill Daud or to steal his pouch without him knowing to send a message to him. Regardless of what you choose to do you have to get Daud’s key to the tunnel. In this guide, I have chosen to spare him.

You have to time everything perfectly in order to pickpocket Daud and take his key as well. Follow these steps and you will be able to do it.

First blink onto the stairs at the right side of the room. Now blink on to the top of the bookcase by the stairs. This is where timing matters. Daud has a certain pattern to his actions. What you need to do is to blink right behind Daud when he is busy reading a book facing his table.

When you are behind Daud, you will be able to pickpocket him and take his key, which is hanging from the table. After you have done that, blink right behind the assassin who is at the exit and go out of that room.

All the actions described in the above paragraph should not take more than two seconds. Furthermore, your timing should be perfect to do it without any hitch.

After this you need to deal with the three guards in the next area. You need to take out one of them to proceed through this area undetected. The rest of the guards can be simply avoided. The assassin you need to take out is on the shade watching over the area. Take him out with a sleeping dart if you have one.

After that follow the white marker to the entrance of the tunnel. It will be in the same room as the window which you used to sneak into the base.

After all this, you are required to get through the quarantine wall and out of the flood district. In this area, stick to the left side of the buildings and use them as a cover to transverse through this whole area unseen. Use blink to get to the gate lever. Pull the lever and go through the now opened gate.

Climb on to the chain and then use the blink ability twice to get to the fuel cell. Pop it out to deactivate the wall of light and then use the service entrance to get out of the quarantine zone and into the Old Port district.

From there, you need to make your way back towards the Hounds Pit bar. Follow the white marker to the sewer entry.

If you do this quickly you can avoid the butt-load of weepers who will gather at the sewer entrance in a minute or so. Rotate the crank wheel to get into the sewers.

Follow the marker to the sewer entrance. There will come a junction in this area, where you can be killed by those stink bomb throwing pods

It is impossible to travel through this area on the ground level. However, if you look up you will see a pipe. Blink on to that pipe and it will take you straight to the sewer’s exit to end this mission.

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