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Metro: Last Light’s Multiplayer Removed – Devs Focusing On Single-Player

4A Games, the developers of Metro: Last Light have revealed that their game will not include multiplayer when it launches next year.

The announcement came today on the game’s official blog where it said:

Throughout the development of Metro: Last Light a small, dedicated team had been working on a number of multiplayer prototypes. After E3, we decided to fold this multiplayer team back into the main group and focus 100% of the studio’s resources on the single player campaign. As a result, Metro: Last Light will not ship with a multiplayer component.” 4A Games believes that the game’s single-player campaign is “what the fanbase cares about the most.

Right now we’re 100% focused on the single player campaign and not thinking beyond that. We don’t like throwing away work though, it’s a project we could potentially return to after Metro: Last Light ships.

The game was announced back in 2011 and at that time the multiplayer component was in fact revealed. The latest announcement refers to it as a “mistake”.

It’s unsure if the game will get it’s support for multiplayer through an update or a DLC.