Final Fantasy for the PlayStation Vita? It’s A Possibility

The PlayStation Vita has had a rough time since its launch earlier this year in terms of sales and consequently there aren’t that many titles available to the device. However, it might fare better if it were to have an exclusive final fantasy title; this seems to be the case as Hajime Tabata showed an interest in developing for the device:

I had an impression [that] it was an exceedingly good piece of hardware. Since I [had been] making Final Fantasy titles on the PSP, I have an interest in [developing] for a larger device. As someone concerned with game production, there is nothing other than the Vita that offers that largeness, high density and luminescence, and ability to [render] high-quality images.

Square Enix is criticized for trying to cash in on games rather than concentrate on the quality but Hajime Tabata is known for his high quality titles on portable devices. He was responsible for the much loved “Crisis Core” and “Type Zero” games for the PSP, a system developers are not eager to use.

However, given the decreasing sales of the Vita it would come as a surprise if Square Enix gives green light to any such projects.