Virtua Fighter 2 Spotted in Yakuza 5 Arcade

Yakuza 5 is about as close to Shenmue 3 as Shenmue fans just may ever get. Perhaps the makers of Yakuza 5 realize this, and that’s why it features a Club Sega Game Center within the world of Yakuza. What’s more, Shenmue fans, is the Game Center has been spotted with Virtua Fighter 2! More specifically, Virtua Fighter 2.0 and 2.1 are playable in the Yakuza 5 arcade.

Other games are available in the Club Sega Game Center as well, including the introduction of an air hockey game (replacing the table tennis featured in past Yakuza games), river fishing, snowball battling, batting cages, chicken races, and Taiko Drum Master.