The Leaked Concept Art May Well Be Of Valve’s New IP ‘Stars of Barathrum’

Concept art has been leaked that looks identical to Valve’s distinct artistic style that we’ve all come to know and love. The concept art is titled “May or may not be SoB” Which could very easily be abbreviations for Valve’s new IP, ‘Stars of Barathrum.’

While the concept art is gorgeous, I’m more in awe by what my imagination is coming up with, on what this game will be like. Could it be a space ship based RTS game like Sins of a Solar Empire? Perhaps it’s an MMO, the likes of EvE. If it’s a space flight simulator like the X – Wing vs Tie Fighter series, then I’ll absolutely lose my mind. Though, that seems to be the least likely, based on the concept art.

Valve New IP_4

Stars of Barathrum

valve new IP_1

In Valve we trust.