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Mass Effect 3: Omega DLC Releasing Next Month

BioWare has announced the Omega DLC for Mass Effect 3 to launch next month on the 27th.

The DLC will bring a new campaign for the single-player and introduce Turian, a new female character. It’s themed around Aria T’Loak battling for control of Omega against General Petrovsky.

During an interview at Comic Con, the game’s producer Mike Gamble said that the latest DLC is double the size of Leviathan:

Omega’s our latest piece of DLC. It’s one of our largest that we’ve done so far. It’s basically double the size of the largest DLC we’ve done for Mass Effect 3.

It takes you through all the different areas of Omega that you’ve ever wanted to go through. [There’s] a whole bunch of new enemies, [and] a whole bunch of new challenges for the player.

The Omega DLC will be priced at 1200 MSP or $15.