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Far Cry 3’s Traveling Will Be A “Fun Experience” – Ubisoft

Those who have played Far Cry 2 would attest to it’s immensely boring and annoying driving routines. Ubisoft has acknowledged this fact and have assured us that Far Cry 3 will not follow suit.

Jamie Keen, the lead game designer on Far Cry 3 told OPM:

What we wanted to do with this one is we wanted to make driving a fun experience. We wanted it to feel like you can pull a handbrake turn round a corner and when you do it it is great and fun to do. You can just launch your vehicle at 70mph off a cliff – it might not do very well – but you can do that stuff.

We want travel not to become a chore. If you want to just travel across coastal roads for hours on end, by all means knock yourself out. We have fast travel points that let you move quickly around the world.

You never feel like anything is too far way but it’s there and its the choice that you are making, This idea of player choice is very important to us, that you are the one that’s deciding the pace and what you engage with.

Far Cry 3 releases for the PS3, Xbox 360 and PC on December 4.