Diablo Almost Got a Multi-Cartridge Gameboy Release

Ever imagined what it would’ve been like to play Diablo on a Gameboy Color or Advance à la Pokémon? Blizzard once had such a vision, but it was canned before it got out of the concept stage.

According to David Craddock’s behind the scenes Diablo book, Stay Awhile and Listen, around the turn of the millennium, when everyone called it “the year 2000,” Blizzard had this crazy idea that it would try to expand its IP.

What better way than to market their biggest game to the handheld crowd, which at that time consisted of the Game Boy Color and the near-arrival of the Game Boy Advance.

Internally dubbed “Diablo Junior,” the game was billed as a prequel to the original Diablo, and was going to be released in three different cartridge versions similar to Pokémon, with each cartridge allowing access to a different character class.

The project never made it off the ground, though, due to the costs of cartridge production, but if the success of Pokémon is any indication, Blizzard must be kicking themselves still.

Via|Escapist Magazine