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Splinter Cell Gets Comic Book Treatment with Splinter Cell: Echoes

Videogames just don’t want to stay tied down, ask Bad Company. And now it looks as if Sam Fisher will bring the world of Splinter Cell with him into comic books. More specifically, writer Nathan Edmondson will bring the world of Splinter Cell into comic territory with a graphic novel illustrated by Marc Laming, titled Splinter Cell: Echoes.

The graphic novel will connect Splinter Cell: Conviction and Splinter Cell: Blacklist. While talking with IGN, Edmonson discusses appeases fans of the series while courting new, comic-book inclined fans: “We treat the characters and story in the same way we would if this was our original creation.” When asked about what about Sam appeals to him from a writer standpoint, Edmonson stated “Sam is a complicated character with a broken and dark past…He’s also something of a slave to his ideals and his country…”

Watch out for Splinter Cell: Echoes sometime in 2013.

Source: IGN