SimCity Was Designed As A Multiplayer Game From Start

Back in March of this year, lead designer at Maxis Stone Librande confirmed that SimCity 2013 would require a constant Internet connection to run. He mentioned the always-online multiplayer factor to have a tremendous affect on the over-all game. The given reason for their decision off course didn’t fit well with most fans.

Last night a demo of SimCity 2013 was shown during a live stream; after which lead producer Kip Katsarelis justified their decision to go for an always-online model.

Surprisingly he revealed that the game was developed as a multiplayer game from start.

We really thought about this SimCity as multiplayer from the ground up. Cities are no longer in a bubble. You can play in a region with other cities, and there’s a lot simulation that’s going on between cities. You can play multiple cities or invite friends into your region and play with others.

Things like power and water are shared across cities and you can purchase that power. You can share services like fire, education and garbage. You can also gift to one another, so money and resources you can create in your city, and you can also collaborate on great works.

We have things like international airports that you can work on together and build up, and the airports will actually bring tourists into your region and allow you to ship more freight in and out. There’s just a lot more to do at this macro level of city planning.

Always-Online DRM has been a controversial topic in the game industry. This year Ubisoft went against their policies and announced to no longer support the infernal mode.

SimCity fans are none too happy, which is understandable. A dropped connection means the end of your game; one can only hope you had saved your progress until then.

SimCity will be released in February of 2013.