New Playstation Store Unveiled – It’s Sleek And User Friendly

If you’re like me and have always thought that the Playstation Store was lacking in… inspiration, then you should be pleasantly surprised by the new design.

Aesthetically, the Playstation Store is getting a major overhaul. It now sports a more visually orientated store-front intended to make new content more apparent, along with an entirely new UI that places sections for games, movies and TV content on the front page.

If you’re using a SD connection, don’t fret – this new UI scales appropriately. In this way, everyone will be able to experience the new UI the way it was intended to be.

Sony described the new UI as focusing on a “Hero” concept. When you view a product, it’ll show a picture of an iconic character from the universe. Sony also described the new UI as a carousal, where you scroll from left to right when searching for products.

The search engine itself is also seeing massive changes. It’s going to be much more intelligent, by detecting typos and abbreviations. You’ll also be able to filter for PS3, Vita, or PSP content only.

The PS Store relaunch is occuring October 17th in PAL regions. Unfortunately, the US will have to wait for October 27th before they can experience the new PS Store.