Battlefield 3: Armored Kill Update Rolls In Today

The Armored Kill expansion pack For Battlefield 3 will be getting a new server update today. While you can see the complete changelog here, we’ll be highlighting some of the major changes.

Server stability has been improved, players can loosen their fear of being kicked out because of server time outs. The knife takedown bug has been fixed to allow multiple knife kills at the same time on a server. Respawn timers of gunships have been changed and players can no longer enter vehicles while climbing a ladder. The Radio beacon exploit has been fixed as well where players could access areas that were not meant to be accessed.

The update also includes the much asked option of removing the minimap in Hardcore mode. Prepare to see half of your team mates get lost in the large maps.

The recently discovered Easter egg in Armored Kill has been left unaffected by the update. YouTube broadcaster JackFrags found a large ‘dinosaur’ egg on Alborz Mountain with DICE imprinted on it. You can check that in the video below.