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Torchlight 2: Modding Tools To Be Released Soon

Max Schaefer, CEO of Runic Games has revealed in an interview that the earlier promised modding tools for Torchlight 2 will be released in a few weeks.

Commenting on the tools, Schaefer said that they will be most powerful and users will be able to create their own content with ease. He further also added that with the tools you can basically create a new game to speak off; new characters, new quests, items etc.

This is really the tools that we have developed the game. Everything is so accessible So you can basically create a completely new game with it.. So new characters, new backgrounds, quests, items, rules, scripted events Even the user interface is accessible, so you can this also modify what is really great.

It’s been two weeks since the release of Torchlight 2 and the game is doing magnificently. It’s available now on Steam for a mere $20.