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Gamers In Japan Are Loving Resident Evil 6 – Sold More Than RE5

Resident Evil 6 is selling like crazy in Japan. In its first week in Japan, Resident Evil 6 sold 650,000 copies, while only 398,000 units were sold for Resident Evil 5, in Japan.

Below are the top 5 games in Japan for the first week of October:

[PS3] Resident Evil 6 – 634.933[PS3] World Soccer Winning Eleven 2013 – 223.884[PSP] Summon Night 3 – 51.453[PSP] Sol Trigger – 42.037[360] Resident Evil 6 – 41.652

Resident Evil 6 did very well, in general, as it managed to ship 4.5 million copies globally. This is rather surprising, given the controversy of its wide ranging critical reception. How did you find the game?

Source: Gamasutra